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August 30, 2013 microFIT program restarts see

August 16, 2013 New microFIT rates for autumn 2013 Roof top 39.6 cents - Non rooftop 29.1 cents - More info at

July 27,2013 Pay the bank less than Your hydro bill - good strategy

News and Updates

Good Strategy
How many years will it be before you retire? Will your income be going up or down in retirement? Can you afford hydro bills that are double or triple from what you are paying now?

Using Hydro estimates, a $200 /month hydro bill today could be $550 / month in less than 20 years. 

A solar "Net Metering" system can cost 80% less than what you are paying for hydro.  
It can be bank financed so that your solar payments are similar to electricity bills for the first five years and then they rapidly become less than hydro bills for the next years.

Then it gets even better. The loan is paid off and all you pay is the minimum hydro bill for having an account. Today this would be a hydro bill of about $60.00. People who did not do solar would be paying $450 / month and within another 10 years would be paying towards $900.00 / month.

Now you have the information. The next step is to visit our "Net Metering page" to get more details or just contact us for a Free site visit with one of our Solar Experts. 
June  12, 2013 - Update to the FIT-SmallFIT and microFIT are now available by following this link
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