Solar - OFF GRID
Produce your own electricity at a fraction of the cost.
The cost of gasoline for your generator can pay for your solar panels in a very short time.
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People produce their own electricity in an off grid system. Off grid systems are usually a combination of solar panels, generator, batteries and occasionally wind turbines and water flow generators. Many people "off grid" enjoy the same benefits and convenience as being connected to the grid, without the monthly bills.

How it works
An off grid home can be wired the same as any other house that is on the grid. The PV solar panels produce electricity to keep the batteries charged and the generator provides backup for cloudy days. These systems can be designed to operate fully independent of owner intervention, other than keeping the fuel topped up and any occasional required maintenance. Wind turbines and water flow generators can be used to assist the PV panels.

An off grid system could be installed for less than 25% of the electricity bills they are replacing. We have energy efficient customers off grid for as low as $4,000. Both Net metering and off grid systems are excellent ways for people to plan for their retirement. Your $250 monthly hydro bill is estimated to be $700 per month in 20 years. Do you want to pay that much and more when you are retired? Contact us for a free chart showing Ontario's estimated monthly energy costs.

Designing your system
Off grid system design requires special skills. Who better to design your system than a company that has off grid systems set up and operating in their own showroom? The most common mistakes include battery under or oversizing, incorrect generator type and poor appliance choices. People are surprised to learn that they can use many conventional appliances, including full size fridges and freezers in a correctly designed off grid system.
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