Solar Water Heating
Heating water using the sun
Domestic hot water, pool heating, in floor heating and air heating.
Reduce heating costs with solar.

Solar Hot Water

The latest developments in solar water heating eliminate the need for antifreeze,pumps and controls.
"Evacuated Thermal Tubes" and "Flat Plate Collectors" are headed to the Museum. 

Solar energy is captured by the PV panels and routed through a DC controller. The controller is attached to a standard electric hot water tank where it transfers the energy to heat the water. In most cases a tank is added to your existing water heating system. This preheat tank collects the days energy for use when needed. When the preheat tank water is hot, no energy will be added by your existing system. If it is partially heated, less energy will be added by your existing system. This system works on its own. All you do is enjoy the savings.

With over 10 years experience and having developed a CSA certified solar water heating system, we now offer the most technologically efficient year round Solar water heating system at the lowest overall cost. Our experts can answer your questions and design your system to meet your needs.

See the system at work in our showroom before you buy or contact us for details and for in depth information. The same systems we sell you, we have  installed and working in our showroom.

We supply individual parts, Do It Yourself  (DIY) packages and complete installed systems.

Solar panels can provide heat to offset or eliminate oil, gas, electric and or wood heating bills. Contact us for details using the form below.

We do big volumes and so our pricing is very competitive. You always get what you pay for. We offer pricing consistent with quality. Cheaper is always available at a cost.

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