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How It Works
Individual private property owners can have solar PV installed and sell all the electricity produced to the grid. The Government provides a 20 year contract and deposits money to your account monthly, based on production. Most panels are warranted to produce 80% at 25 years. A 10 kW system is the largest available under microFIT and could be large enough to power an average North American home after the contract is over.

Current Rates
The rate for microFIT rooftop is 39.6 cents per kW for the balance of 2013.System costs have decreased over the last few years and the rates paid have dropped as well. Ontario content requirements have been lowered. Our solar professionals can help you get started. We make it easy for you. Just call or email and you will be on the way to solar income. 

How To Start
Before spending any money,
The first step is to determine if your system can be connected. We can email you a step by step instruction page for this. Use the contact form below. The next step is to complete the microFIT application on line. Our expert staff can help you with this.

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